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Try it out for FREE for 14 days. If you like our primary plan is just $8.95 a month*

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With your paid registration you get access to every feature. The only limitation is that it is for one client/project. Each additional project you add beyond that is just $3.00 a month each.

Use it for an individual company or for your growing digital agency. We priced this system to allow anyone to get started and be able to afford to grow.

Everything we hate about other tools, we are trying to avoid with out our pricing structure and cancelation policy.

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What's The Catch?

After years of testing countless tools, we’ve developed the ultimate solution to help you streamline your business and provide the service your customers deserve. But we know that cost can be a concern when you’re growing your business.

That’s why we’ve set our price at just $8.95 a month for all the features you need, plus an additional $3 for each new client you add.

And if you join now, you’ll be grandfathered in for life at this introductory price. But don’t wait too long – as we continue to add new tools, features, and API’s, the price will go up.

So join the seoGEEK community today and take your business to the next level!


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Are you tired of juggling multiple tools to keep your business organized and provide top-notch service to your customers? We were too, which is why we created seoGEEK.