Terms of Service

Lets Keep This Simple

We offer a 14 day free trial, If you choose to not continue beyond the 14 days the account and all associated data may be removed from the system at some point beyond the trial. We will do our best to let you know if/when that happens.

If you do choose to continue with seoGEEK, great. We appreciate that and and will do our best to make this one of the best solutions and tools you will have in your tool box for all things related to digital presence.


Your registration fee will renew every 30 days, ( unless you registered for an annual account ) or paid the special one time life time membership fee.
If your Payment fails, you will receive a notification letting you know, and you will have a grace period of 14 days to update your payment method.
If you do not update within the grace period your account is at risk of being shut off.

If you account is shut off and we still don’t here from you and or our payment is not updated your account and data runs the risk of being removed from the system. You will receive a notice first before this happens though.


Starting out we are offering an introductory price of only $8.95 per business account and just $3. per additional customer you add. If at anytime you choose to remove the extra customer accounts, the additional $3 charge for each, each month will also be removed. 

We say we want to grow with you, so if you shrink, we need to shrink with you. 🙂

At some point as we add new features and functions that will incur more costs to operate. This means we will be raising the price.
The good news is, the price you pay today is the price you will continue to pay during the life of your account. – That just makes it easier on all of us and I have always hated the services that suck you in, then raise the price on you. – I cant tell you how many do that these days.

What’s The $3ea A Month Thing?

Let me explain that a bit. When you register with seoGEEK, you have your personal account. You will set up your business profile and then will ad your first Client/Project. This could be for a single business that you work for if you are in a corporate environment or this can be a customer of yours if you are an agency.

This was built for Agencies but works great for the individual as well.

As an agency, Maybe I add 5 different clients. Each has their own set of needs. They each have a website and need marketing or development services.

So in this example if you have 5 clients in the system you would be billed $8.95 a month fir the account and first client,
then an additional add-on of $3 x 4 = $12.00 a month for the extra clients.

The reason for this fee is that it is not cheap to gather and provide organic keyword data, backlink data and provide access to AI features and functions.

Now, if at anytime you remove one of those clients, the next month renewal fee will be reduced by the number of clients you removed.

A client can have an unlimited number of projects and an unlimited number of team members. ( there is no additional fee for that ).

Lifetime Membership?

This is reserviced for  our BETA testers, Investors and some key partnership businesses,
BUT if it is something you are interested we have set aside some blocks for others  as well.

Right now we’re offering it for just $999.
That gets you unlimited access to all of todays features and tomorrows as well. If you are interested, send us an email.