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What Can You Do With seoGEEK?

SeoGeek is a powerful tool that works for both individuals and teams to save time and grow their businesses. For individuals, SeoGeek provides a comprehensive suite of tools that can help them optimize their website, track their rankings, and analyze their competitors. For teams, SeoGeek offers collaboration features that allow team members to work together on development projects, SEO and more to share data, insights, and track progress.

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Built For Teams

There Are So Many Ways To Use seoGeek!

Helping individuals and teams, streamline their workflow and achieve better results in less time.

Manage Your Business & Your Team

You dashboard is your gateway to the things you need most. Insight about your business, open To-Do’s, and quick links to the tools you use the most.

  • Business stats and analytics
  • Your project To-Do’s overview
  • Links to the tools you use the most
  • Team member management

SEO, SMM & PPC Plan Management

Build your plans, set pricing and assign them to your customers. With our plan management tool you will know how your SEO/SMM business is performing and will be able to easily stay on task with each customer.

  • Create your plans, setup pricing and startup fees.
  • Create plan features and assign actions to them.
  • Set execution frequency and resources needed.
  • Know how many customers are assigned to a plan.


Actions are at the cornerstone of seoGEEK. Track all the actions you perform on a project to easily share with your customers.

Customer/Project Management

The true power of seoGEEK lays within the customer management module.

  • Customer overview list with action meter.
  • Review the customer plan and see what has been done.
  • See all the actions taken and whom performed the tasks.
  • Save targeted keywords and focus urls in one place.
  • Manage your content development strategy.
  • Maintain a competitor list with keywords and notes.
  • Store sensitive account information to share with your team.
  • Define target audiences for your client.

To-Do’s and Actions

The To-Do module gives you the ability to create a list of To-Do’s, assign them to your team members and set deadlines. (just like every other system). – But here is what makes ours different….
  • Create To-Do’s and assign to your team + associate to your customers.
  • Associate to actions, and more customers if need be…
  • Set status including — In Review, Approved and Closed.
  • Add notes.

By giving you the ability to assign multiple customer/projects to a single to do and associate to an action. – when you close a ticket, seoGEEK can automatically generate an action for each of the customers and actions assigned to that To-Do.

Guess What You Can Do?

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Priced To Grow With You!

Try out all the features for free for 14 days and if you like it, its just $8.95 a month for your first project with unlimited task management and team members. After that, each additional client/project added is just $3. extra a month.

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Are you tired of juggling multiple tools to keep your business organized and provide top-notch service to your customers?