The easiest way to save time
& manage your SEO and
Social Media projects

Why You Need seoGEEK!

As a Web Development company also focused on SEO and Social Media Management, one of our greatest struggles has been the management of our time. We would routinely try new tools and maintain a plethora of spreadsheets and drive files. We have been thinking that there has to be a better way.

We need actionable lists that our team can focus on each month for each customer. We need a way to easily communicate back to our customer what’s been done,  what we are doing and what’s next. We need an easy way to guide us and our team through each project while keeping the customer informed so that they don’t feel like they have been forgotten.

Because of these needs, we developed seoGEEK. A toll to fill the gap between traditional project management and the specific needs of web developers, social media guru’s, seo experts and digital marketing agencies.

  • Get The Whole Picture
  • Easily Organize Your Customers
  • Assign Projects, Tasks, and Tools to Team Members
  • Manage Content, Brand, Audiences, SEO even PPC.

What is your time worth….

For just $2.00 a month, You can save an hour a day managing your client’s digital presence from web development to SEO, social media to digital marketing.

Plans / Features

Create your plans and assign your features for easy tracking of the things you should be doing.


To do great SEO & SMM we’ve put everything you need to know about your client project in one place.


Assign tasks, set deadlines, review, approve and when complete simply convert them to an action to show your client you are working for them.


Complete a task, create an action, do something for the client, create an action. Actions will show you and show your client how much work you are really doing for them.


Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Phone. seoGEEK is built user friendly and device friendly.  Android or iOS? We have you covered.


Easily see where your clients are located. Know where to market your services for brand recognition.


Your Information is safe, secure and backed up daily. We don’t share data with anyone.


No limits here, – set up as many client/projects as you like. Invite as many team members as you need and run multiple businesses if you desire.


  • “It’s not just a pretty face. I am also thrilled by the quality of support. It is fast, reliable and has no complications at all. It helps us stay organized and on task. It was very easy to setup and even easier to use. seoGEEK does exactly what it says.”

    S. David
    S. David Emax Software, Owner
Wellness center of Scottsdale Arizona
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