Save time Developing, Optimizing and Advertising your business!

Get ahead of the competition with seoGEEK – the ultimate all-in-one tool for web developers, SEO experts, and digital marketing agencies! With advanced AI features like content creation, audio generation, and keyword analysis, you can optimize your website and manage your projects all in one place. Stay organized and grow your business with seoGEEK – try it today!

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Organize Your Projects

Everything you need in one place to manage your projects & clients.

Get The Whole Picture

A comprehensive view of your digital marketing efforts in one place.

Actionable Insights that Save Time

Save significant time by streamlining your digital marketing efforts and project management. Get an actionable list of tasks for your team to follow.

Grow Your

No limits here! Set up unlimited projects and invite as many team members as you need.

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Sales Growth



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Features & Functions

What's Your Time Worth?

For the price of one caffe’ mocha latte a month, you can save hours each day managing your business and/or clients digital presence!

With the power of seoGEEK combined with AI and Machine Learning – Optimize your day and accelerate your Website Development, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click Campaigns, even your Ad Copy Writing.


What People Are Saying

“seoGEEK has revolutionized our digital marketing process. It’s a must-have tool for any agency looking to save time and improve their workflow.”

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A Game-Changer For Our Business

seoGEEK has been a game-changer for our digital marketing agency. It has saved us countless hours of time and provided us with a comprehensive view of our clients’ campaigns. The actionable lists and easy communication features have made our workflow more efficient and effective. We highly recommend seoGEEK to any agency looking to streamline their digital marketing efforts.


Priced To Grow With You!

Try out all the features for free for 14 days and if you like it, its just $8.95 a month for your first project with unlimited task management and team members. After that, each additional client/project added is just $3. extra a month.

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We Know It Works!

seoGEEK was created out of necessity.
As a digital agency Internet Dzyns has been in the web/app development and digital advertising business for over 20 years. Not many web agencies can say that and the only reason we can is seoGEEK. It gave us the opportunity needed to scale at speed. 

Time had become our greatest enemy.
In order to grow and take on the additional projects that were coming our way we needed to expand our team of developers, and manage all aspects of our development and maintenance process.

With seoGEEK we were able to do just that.
We went from two developers to 20+ and expanded from maintaining just a few website to managing over 160 websites on a weakly basis while at the same time being able to offer additional services including SEO, Social Media Management, Pay Per Click and even Mobile App development.

“We were able to expand out team and take on more projects with an efficiency we didn’t imagine was possible.”

Every feature, function and tool that seoGEEK offers, has been built to improve our own efficiencies and help us reduce the plethora of 3rd party services and tools needed in-order to do our jobs day-to-day and give our clients the best possible service we could.

seoGEEK fills the gap between traditional project management and the specific needs of web developers, SEO experts, Social Media guru’s, and digital marketing agencies.