Marketing Plan for a Local Service

Marketing Plan for a Local Service

Top Level Service or Sub Service
(Customer Name/Title)

  • Message / Sales Pitch
  • CTA (Call To Action)
  • Define the branding materials available including colors, logos, slogans, images and text.
  • Review and define the target audience
  • Perform keyword research and define the competitors.

Campaign Target Marketing Resources

below is a list of resources to use and small sample budgets. It’s enough to test the waters and get some local awareness going.

  • AdWord Campaign ($300 a month)
    • Search Network Ad (2-3)
    • Call Only Ad (1-2)
    • Re-marketing Ad (1-2)
  • Bing Ads ($150 a month)
    • Search Network Ad (2-3)
    • Re-Marketing Ad (1-2)
  • Facebook ($300 a month)
    • Local Brand Awareness (1) ad
    • Offer Claim  (2) ad
    • Store Visits  (2) ad
    • Video Views  (1) ad
    • Posts (5 in 30 days)
  • Instagram (SEO)
    • image advertising service
    • tag local area, + related keywords like the services or product, beauty, skin care, ect.
  • Pinterest (SEO)
    • board focused on top level service
    • ad images related to service
    • link to image embedded in the associated content
    • Promote pins (PPC)
  • 3 Pieces of Related Custom Content (SEO)
    • push through FB posts
    • include/lined to Instagram via image
    • images for content pinned in Pinterest
    • content interlink to related service
    • content external link to a larger brand or medical site about service
  • Build Email Template and develop Drip Campaign.
    • Define where mail list is coming from
    • Determine tools to send list and measure ROI
  • Google My Business
    • Add post to google my business.

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