LinkedIn Promotions

LinkedIn Promotions

With LinkedIn, you can automatically group the positions you have occupied in the same company for prospective clients. You can view positions for a month to group them. If you have created a profile in another language, your secondary language profile will not reflect changes in your English language automatically. Therefore, you must manually update your profile secondary language

How do I get my LinkedIn profile to inform people it’s been promoted?

The easiest way to tell your network about promotion is to add a new job or promotion to your current business or new business, the message “Share with a network” appears at the bottom of the pop-up window. Not everyone in your network will see this notification.

If you want to be more careful about this notification for reasons related to specific people in your network, you can send them an individual message or email. On the other hand, you can access your privacy settings, set the setting to “on” to let people know when updating your profile.

Better still, you can write a post on LinkedIn. Appreciate the company for promoting it. Mark the company and the person who promoted it.

1. More than 630 million professionals use LinkedIn; several LinkedIn members make professional decisions. It is double the purchasing power of the average internet audience and is the number one platform for B2B lead generation.

2. With its use, you can create an ad in a few minutes

3. Improve your content across devices
You can promote your business updates to specific audiences on desktops, mobile devices, and tablets. Increase awareness and attract potential customers to the most-watched professional news stories in the world.

4. Post personalized ads in the LinkedIn folder.
You can reach your target audience directly in LinkedIn mail. Post personalized messages that generate more conversions than emails.

5. Start generating guides in minutes
Add an attractive headline, description and even an image. Easy setup means you can get to your target audience in minutes.

6. Real business data for real results
LinkedIn data is different because members have a professional motivation to update accurately their profiles.
Use real demographic information generated by members to reach the right audience, business name, company, industry, seniority, etc.

7. Personalized guidelines with the right audience
You can talk to LinkedIn members who have visited your site, downloaded or integrated their contact lists, and reached the decision-makers into your target accounts.

8. Measure your ad conversions.
You can see the number of potential customers in your campaigns with conversion tracking. You can save website conversions related to your sponsored content, text ad, or InMail sponsored campaigns, including content downloads signups, purchases, and more. You can track the number of member conversions after clicking on your ads or even seeing them.

9. Convert smoothly with Lead Gen Forms
When LinkedIn members click on your ad, your profile data automatically populates a form that you can submit with one click. You will get more accurate and complete information about your potential customers.

10. Advertisements for all budgets and goals
Configure payment in a few minutes just with a credit card.

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