How To Earn Money With YouTube For Beginners

How To Earn Money With YouTube For Beginners

By using a unique and authentic strategy and method, you can make YouTube a good platform for earning money. A lot of people considering YouTube as a platform to earn money by putting effort into making videos and their monetization. In case you’re wondering what to do on YouTube to earn money, here I’ll explain in detail. Let’s dig into this!


You already know that videos play an important role in your company. So it is time to plan where these videos will be hosted.
We all use YouTube as our primary platform for watching online videos, be it cat videos, trendy blogs, sports videos, comics, technical reviews, cooking tips, whatever you say. Remember, YouTube has been around for years, and we’re constantly improving it to meet your needs.
any people regularly watch YouTube videos. There is no fixed number as it changes almost daily. If you’re a business, you want all of these views and know that YouTube is always a stone’s throw away from hosting a video.
Remember that video can help you get more visitors to your blog. YouTube allows you to place ads without spending a dollar – later on.


First of all, create your account on YouTube and start building up your channel. Try to add relevant keywords according to your niche and make your channel easy to access. High-volume keywords help you to reach your targeted audience.
Be specific and unique with your username, it can set the ground for you. Try to use a mere simple, unique, and short username that lasts longer to the memory of your channel’s visitors. Make your YouTube presence personal and engaging.


Try to upload high-quality and not very long content. Enhance your content with a better camera, or try out the best editing software or techniques, for example. They help attract people to your video from their YouTube searches.
You can put video tutorial to help people from getting out of trouble or any technical issue they found and wondering for its solution. If you know any solution, make a video, and upload it on your channel. This way you can also promote your other skills like if you’re an expert in WooCommerce, make videos of WooCommerce plugins installation and configuration, for instance, Role Based Price for WooCommerce put a video on your channel and promote it to other social media platform.


Connect with your viewers by replying to comments and occasionally creating videos that are directly related to viewers’ comments and questions. Connecting to your community will attract more members to that community.
Making people saw their ads you need to be flawless with your content and delivery as you need to earn money through monetization. Through this you can also increase your subscribers, only you have to work on your skill. Just create the highest quality content and they will reach you.


You must enable monetization to monetize your videos. This means you allow ads to appear on your videos on YouTube.

  • Go to www.youtube.com and click the “My Channel” button on the website.
  • In the top bar, there is a Video Manager link. Click on that
  • Click the “Channel” button and enable tracking.
  • Get 4,000 hours and 1,000 subscribers.

When this threshold is reached, your channel will automatically be compared against the YouTube Affiliate Program Terms of Use and Community Guidelines. YouTube will usually email you the solution within a week.


You can set up Google AdSense for free on the AdSense website. Click the Sign up now button to start creating an account. You must be at least 18 years old to create an account. When you are younger, you need an adult to help you.
You need PayPal or a bank account, a valid mailing address, and other information so that AdSense can verify who you are and who you are sending money to. You only pay for one click of your ad and less, but it increases over time. So having an audience is the key to success.
Knowing that it depends on your audience, you can learn from our training how our students reach their first 1000 subscribers who turn to YouTube for their first buck.


Once you’ve posted, viewed, and monetized a few videos on the web, you can see how they work. Select the Analytics option from your channel menu.
Here you can see estimated revenue, ad performance, videos, demographics, and more.
Use these tools to see how your content resonates with your audience. You can change your content or marketing if you find that you’re not attracting the right users.


Influential marketing will be one of the advertising bases of the next decade. Brands are increasingly investing in influencer marketing and typically spending large advertising budgets on influencers who have already won their audience’s loyalty.
This creates tremendous opportunities for you as a creator if you can get the right quotes. Depending on your leverage – your audience demographics, the quality of your content, and the uniqueness and profitability of your niche – you can negotiate a better deal if the brand fits.
Influencing YouTube is considered the most rewarding platform for brand partnerships. The key to collaborating with brand-sponsored content is to be transparent if you don’t approve of what you don’t like or believe in, and to tell your audience why you’re doing it.


Most creators rarely make money. It’s an idea to do something that the world might like. But ironically, this gives them a great opportunity to raise money in a crazy world.
While it is difficult for many companies to attract and retain an audience, YouTube users have already figured it out. All that’s left is creativity – entrepreneurial efforts to come up with ideas – to make money off of your enthusiasm.

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