How To Create Backlinks For Free

How To Create Backlinks For Free

So really there are 101 ways to create free backlinks and we will touch on more over time ( as a matter of fact if you join seoGEEK.io we have a list of 100 high DA backlink resources ), but for now, we wanted to share a couple of methods that have been working well for us and might work well for you too.

Reddit and Quora

Reddit and Quora are both very high DA sites that work as a forum. On Reddit, you can get into discussions and ask questions, whereas Quora is really geared more to simply asking a question and then visitors submitting their answers. Both are “No Follow” sites so the links you get from here won’t be the most powerful but they will still hold some weight and they are free.

Even better is, if your post gets featured on the front page of Reddit or emailed out to the masses in Quora, it could go viral and you will feel that boost assuming you placed a link to your content and did not get too spammy with it.

Even though No-Follow links don’t really pass any link juice, – they do pass real visitors and Google does sometimes count them. When working backlinks it is important to have a nice balance of Do Follow and No Follow links. So here is a source that can get you great No Follow links from a high DA site that gets a ton of real visitors.

So What Should You Do?

This is the easy part if you like to read and write. The first thing to do is to break down your subject matter or your client’s subject matter and do a search in both Reddit and Quora.
For this example, I am looking for the term “TENS Unit”. Tens stand for “Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation” and even though, we know our clients offers something beyond TENS, we are searching for that because it is one of the main two words commonly used for ESTEM ( Electrical Muscle Stimulation ).

So first we visit Quora and type in our term “TENS Unit” and we get a ton of results with people asking basic questions about the searched subject. The next step is the easy part. If you have knowledge of the subject manner, go ahead and answer it and if it is organic and ads to the question, add in a link to your site, service or product.

Reddit is a bit different. Many times you can find a list of questions that match your topic making it a bit easier to get in the conversation, but other times it really is just a discussion about a topic. And just like Quora, be honest and answer the question or add your opinion. – And don’t forget to do a name drop or a backlink to something relevant to the conversation on your website.

Don’t Get Spammy!

Don’t oversell yourself though. Dropping in, “BUY OUR PRODUCT”, “USE OUR SERVICE” links just for the sake of a backlink will not get you the traffic you are looking for. Be honest and just answer the questions.

Quora results when searching for the term “TENS UNIT”

Reddit results when searching for the term “TENS UNIT”


How Do I Get A Do Follow Link on Reddit?

So unless things have changed you can actually get a DoFollow backlink on Reddit. Once you do your post, you need to get an upvote. Reddit does change links to DoFollow’s if there are upvotes and they outweigh the downvotes. You can also return to your Reddit text post after a period of time (days/weeks) and add in a link.

What About Quora?

So as far as I know, Quora is no longer handing out DoFollow links, but you can still find really targeted visitors for niche content. Remember the people on Quora are looking for answers. With 200 million unique visitors each month, someone is bound to be looking for a product, topic or services you offer.

So in conclusion, NoFollow links are not always bad and DoFollow links are not always good. You have to strike a perfect balance and with Google’s new algorithms and focus on more off-page relevancy, it is better to answer questions honestly.

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