Callout Extensions – What You Need To Know

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Callout Extensions – What You Need To Know

Callout Extensions

Callout extensions can be of great use if you work with a diversified range of clients or have various campaigns to work on. With the help of these extensions your ads can be rotated and optimized for the maximum CTR. Furthermore, you can differentiate your ad copy from that of your competitors by adding more details. This, in turn, increases the potential of higher conversions.

The deals and discounts you offer may have a major impact on your conversions. With the help of Google Ads, advertisers are now able to highlight such offers in their search ads. Google rolled out a new ad extension called ‘callouts’ which allows you to add more text to your ads to highlight anything that you feel would attract your customers. It can include things such as free shipping, discount, price matching and more.

In order to reach your desired audience and stay ahead of your competition, you need to optimize everything from ad group level keyword to writing amazing PPC ads. Adding different ad extensions can then help you in making your content stand out from your competitors.

We understand that the variety of options you get to promote your website can get slightly overwhelming as a new user. This article will help you understand what Google Callout Extensions are and how they can help you to capitalize on the moment your targeted user comes across your ad. To learn more about the callout extension, please read on.


With the ever-increasing competition in e-commerce, Google Ads offer the opportunity to stand out. You can work with different techniques and customize your callout extensions in order to get the most out of your ads.


As shown by Google in various case studies, that callout extension can greatly increase the click-through rate. This makes this feature a value addition to any pay-per-click ad. Using callout extensions, advertisers are offered additional lines to display benefits like:

  • Countdowns
  • Product characteristics
  • Advantage & disadvantages
  • Special deals or offers


Google Ads have a certain character limit which restricts you from adding everything you want about your product/offer. With callout extension you get additional capacity to add information which is why callouts are important. You can use this as an opportunity to explain the value of your product without a limitation.


The more space you capture on platforms, the less is left for your competitors. This can give you a huge advantage in terms of attracting more click-throughs and customers. Callouts are a great way to enrich your ad copies and increase that real estate that your ads take in the SERPs as well.

Adwords Callout Extensions


Just like every online platform, Google also has its own algorithm which keeps getting updated according to the increasing CRP. It shows relevant and important information to users so it gives you an upper hand if you add the callout extension in your Google Ad campaigns. With an increase in CRP, it is understood that there will also be an increase in your ad score.


Callout extensions can be used by users of various industries, like B2B businesses, softwares, products and services, accommodations and many more. Listed below are some of the industries and examples of callout extension that can be used.


Software industries can use callouts for reasons like displaying what makes their platform unique as compared to their competitors or the benefits they provide. A few examples of software callouts are:
1. Free Trial
2. Eliminate Errors
3. Easy Installation
4. Schedule a Demo
5. Reduce Downtime
6. Advanced APIs
7. Test the Platform
8. Seamless Embedding
9. Customized Dashboards
10. Auto Sync
11. Work Remotely
12. Connect on Any Device
13. All-in-one system
14. Flexible Plans
15. Over 20 million users


While pricing of a product is an important factor, other attributes likes easy shopping, customer service or return policies are also equally important in attracting customers. A few examples of product callouts are:
1. Free Shipping
2. Shop Best Sellers
3. Available in Many Colors
4. ISO Certifies
5. 2-Day Shipping
6. 5-Day Returns
7. Shipping Worldwide
8. Repair Services
9. Wide Variety of Products
10. High Quality Products
11. Pick-up Available
12. Over-night Shipping
13. Customize Products
14. Licensed Vendors
15. Fast Checkout


When running a business, no matter what you are selling, customer retention is highly important. The main factor that contributes to bringing your customers back is good customer service. A few examples of service callouts are:
1. Satisfaction Guaranteed
2. Chat Support
3. 24/7 Support
4. Fast Response
5. No Consultation Fee
6. Affordable Prices
7. History of Results
8. Trusted for 50 Years
9. Special Discount Offer
10. Money Back Guarantee
11. Local Service
12. Global Service
13. Credit Available
14. Experts Available
15. Complex Case Specialists


If you provide products and services which have numerous competitors, it is understood that offering prices that either match your competitors or are below their price level will attract your customers. However, you need to be able to reach your desired audience which can be made possible through callouts. A few examples of pricing callouts are:
1. Wholesale Pricing
2. Competitive Pricing
3. Free Cancellation
4. Buy Now, Pay Later
5. Free Delivery
6. Multiple Payment Options
7. Discount for Students
8. Starting from $5
9. Pay Annually
10. Credit Available
11. Excellent Prices
12. Match Prices
13. No Service Charges
14. Free Quotes
15. Pay Monthly


With various accommodations available around each city or country, it is important for your business to be found on the top of the search results as soon as a potential customer plans to visit. If you want to standout and be visible to your targeted audience, callouts can help you majorly. A few examples of accommodation callouts are:
1. Best Price Guarantee
2. Select Your Room
3. Free Wi-Fi
4. Instant Saving
5. Real Guest Reviews
6. Package Deals
7. Pet Friendly Rentals
8. Discount Deals
9. No Cancellation Fee
10. Save Money
11. Oceanfront View
12. Assured Security
13. Credit Payment
14. Breakfast Included
15. Free Tours

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