Top 5 Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes

Top 5 Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes

Social media marketing seems to be the one thing business is doing nowadays. Be it a small or big business; everyone literally wants to be on the bandwagon. The reason is simple – social media is where you can find everyone else.

Social media marketing is a great way of showcasing your brand and creating more awareness for your business, there are a lot of pit holes many eventually fall into and never succeed.
Think about it; why do some social media campaigns succeed and many others fail?

It’s because someone somewhere is pushing the right button and many others are not. The truth is no one is perfect. Even expert social media marketers make mistakes. As with every mistakes, the first step to overcoming them is by becoming aware of them.

So in this post we provide you with the top 5 social media marketing mistakes that can consistently reduce your follower count and consequently your revenue if you continue to make them consistently.



When it comes to the media, people expects your information to be in line with what’s obtainable on the page you’re sending them to. This is the reason why app developers tend to design e-commerce apps to look exactly just like the e-commerce site.

You may be tempted to hype a particular product in order to get some click through to your product page. This of course will happen as people are naturally curious and always interested in a good deal.
However, once they find out that you have over-hyped a particular product or promo, they’ll start trusting you a lot less. When it comes to social media marketing, trust is a very crucial ingredient for success. Try as much as possible to gain your followers trust by sharing information that is right and you believe will be beneficial to them.


How many times have you personally stopped and read one of those lengthy posts on Facebook literally from the top to bottom? My guess is, you can’t remember.

Too many times, novice in social media marketing make the mistake of thinking that people are always interested in reading just about any information they find on their Facebook or Instagram feeds.
No. Stats have shown that users are a lot more interested in visuals (videos and images) over text when it comes to the media. As such, the best way to get your message to your users is not by putting it in a lengthy post and sharing it with them.

You should get creative. How can you compress that vital information into as few a text as possible or better still, can you make a video out of it? How about an info graphics or a picture slide with just a few points? What you want on social media is your user’s attention, brainstorm each session and find the best way to capture that attention before sharing your information.


Don’t ever be impressed by the vanity key performance index (KPIs) of your social media marketing campaigns except if that’s only what you’re after; if not measure the success of each campaign in real business terms.

One of the most common pit holes most marketers fall into is to believe that the more likes and share their post gets, the more successful it is. That’s wrong on so many levels. For one, likes and shares do not really convert into real money. Sure, the likes and share do count for something; that people are interacting with your page. But at the same time understand that such interaction are only important for the basics.

You should focus more on measuring the impact of your campaign on your business as a whole. How’s your brand different now than before you started your campaign? Are people now more aware of it? Is it more relevant now? What are people saying about it? And more importantly, how is your campaign influencing what people are saying about your business?


The first thing to know about a social media marketer who doesn’t have a social media plan in place is to check the key performance indicators (KPIs) they are measuring. Measuring the wrong key performance indicators shows tells a lot about your expectations from social media campaigns.

The first step in succeeding when it comes to social media marketing is to have a flow chart of action plan and at the end of each flow chart, the goal you want for the post. This will not only ensure you follow through to achieve your main aims but help you define your goals so you know the right key performance indicators to measure at the end of each social media campaign.


More than half of all social media marketers are guilty of this mistake. It may seem a lot more prudent to create a single post and share it on all your social media platforms. But it is not. If you are doing it already, it’s high time you stop to avoid wasting your time, effort and money.

Each social media have an audience behavior that’s peculiar to them. As such sharing the same post over and over again on all the platforms will not be very effective. Some will but most will not be. As such, make every efforts to create customized content for the different social media platforms and you’ll see your success skyrocketing. The above are the top 5 common social media marketing mistakes that you can easily avoid to achieve your goals through any of your social media campaigns.

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