Pros and Cons of Content Marketing

Pros and Cons of Content Marketing

Content marketing, you should’ve heard of it by now. Although there’s plenty of hype around it at the moment, you might not yet be up to speed on the ins and outs of it. A lot of the hype is worth believing. It provides value to your site’s visitors and is more than likely to leave those that it draws in more than satisfied.

Surely it can’t all be fantastic though. Here, we’ll look at the ups and downs to help you decide whether content marketing is right for you.



Posting blogs consistently and other similar practices are a sure-fire way to boost the amount of traffic headed to your site. If you’re looking to grow your site traffic, then there aren’t many better free ways to do so.


By giving your audience value through education and other means you can build a genuine relationship that will be appreciated on both sides. With so many sites out there vying for attention, conveying the message that you’re trustable and worthwhile can help you to stand above the rest.


As your content marketing helps to build trust and credibility, it becomes more realistic to position yourself in an industry expert position. If you’re providing valuable content, then potential customers are more likely to believe that you’re at the forefront of thought in your industry.


Most importantly, content marketing can play a huge role in driving conversions. Studies have repeatedly shown that when content marketing has been consistently implemented conversion rates have multiplied by many factors. Although it may seem like a lot of time must be invested to do this, it more than pays off by boosting conversions in the long term.



We mean for you, not your customers! It can be a steep learning curve with content marketing and getting to grips with the correct practices and lingo might seem like a lot to bite off. Many of the aspects may be new to you and can make getting off the ground daunting.


The wide range of skills needed means that you alone or even a small team are unlikely to be fully equipped to tackle the challenge head on. It also requires a high level of understanding of your customers needs and wants, and the research and analysis this likely to entail us going to eat up even more of your time.


Unlike other forms of marketing, it can be hard to gauge the success of your campaign or strategy. Measuring the effect that content marketing is having on your traffic and conversion rates is difficult, and even more so if you’re trying to specify results whilst using other marketing channels at the same time.


The overall take-away is this, content marketing can be difficult to implement and track. If you and your team can manage to get you heads around it, it’s likely to bring you great results though.

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