PPC Campaigns and Tracking

PPC Campaigns and Tracking

What to do when you dont have access to the website backend?
We recently started a new PPC campaign for a customer, whom we don’t have any back-end website access.
So how do we track everything in order to provide a substantial report to the customer for their Google AdWords and Facebook Ad campaigns?

In comes Google Tag Manager.
We spoke with the customers IT department and they stated that they could install tag manger code for us.
This opens up a plethora of tracking possibilities.

So here is what we did, – and it only took about 15-20 Min.

  1. We setup the customers Google AdWords Account
  2. We created our own Google Analytics account.
    They already have one, but two accounts will not interfere with each other.
    We also liked the analytics account to the Google AdWords account.
  3. Next we setup the Google Tag manager account and sent IT the container code.
    After that we created our first tag using this procedure.google analytics to tag manager
    “Install Google Analytics via Google Tag Manager”

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