How to Boost Your Press Release with a Wheel Stack Strategy

SEO Wheel Stack

How to Boost Your Press Release with a Wheel Stack Strategy

In the competitive world of SEO, leveraging a wheel stack strategy can significantly enhance the visibility and impact of your press releases. At SEOGEEK.io, we’re committed to providing you with effective SEO techniques to drive results. Here’s how you can create a wheel stack for your press release page.

What is a Wheel Stack?

A wheel stack is an SEO strategy that involves creating a network of interconnected websites, press releases, or other online properties to boost the main website’s search engine ranking. This strategy is highly effective for promoting a press release, ensuring it gains the visibility and traction it deserves.

Steps to Create a Wheel Stack for a Press Release Page

Identify the Press Release Page

Your press release page acts as the central hub of your wheel stack. This could be the press release hosted on your main website or a specific page on a PR distribution service.

Create Supporting Content (Spokes)

To support your central hub, create various types of content that link back to it. Here are some ideas:

Blog Posts

Write blog posts on various platforms discussing the press release, its contents, and its implications, linking back to the press release page. For tips on writing effective blog posts, check out our SEO Blog Writing Guide.

Social Media Posts

Share snippets and highlights from the press release on social media platforms, each with a link back to the press release page. Learn more about optimizing your social media strategy with our Social Media SEO Tips.

Articles on External Sites

Write articles or guest posts for other websites that mention the press release and link back to the press release page.

Multimedia Content

Create videos, infographics, or podcasts discussing the press release, with links in the description or accompanying text pointing back to the press release page.

Press Release Distributions

Distribute the press release through multiple PR distribution services, ensuring each distribution has a link back to the central press release page.

Interlinking Strategy

A crucial part of the wheel stack strategy is the interlinking of content:

  • Each piece of supporting content (spokes) should link back to the press release page (the central hub).
  • Some spokes can also link to each other to create a web of interlinked content, enhancing the overall authority and visibility.

Benefits of a Wheel Stack for a Press Release Page

Enhanced Visibility

Multiple links and mentions across different platforms can increase the visibility of the press release.

Improved SEO

Backlinks from diverse sources can boost the search engine ranking of the press release page. For more on improving your SEO, read our Comprehensive SEO Guide.

Increased Traffic

The network of interlinked content can drive more traffic to the press release page from various sources.

Authority and Credibility

The interlinked content can help build authority and credibility for the press release.

Example of a Wheel Stack for a Press Release Page

Imagine you have a new product launch press release. Here’s how you might structure your wheel stack:

  • Central Hub: The main press release page on your website or PR distribution service.
  • Spokes:
    • A blog post on your company’s blog discussing the press release and linking back to it.
    • Social media posts on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, each linking back to the press release page.
    • Guest articles on industry-related websites that mention and link to the press release.
    • A video on YouTube summarizing the press release with a link in the description.
    • Infographics shared on visual content platforms like Pinterest, linking back to the press release page.
    • Distribution through PR services like PR Newswire, Business Wire, and other relevant platforms, all linking back to the central press release page.


Creating a wheel stack for your press release page is a powerful SEO strategy that can significantly boost its visibility, authority, and search engine performance. By developing a network of interconnected content, you can drive more traffic and improve the overall effectiveness of your press release campaign. Start implementing this strategy today and watch your press release gain the traction it deserves.

At SEOGEEK.io, we are dedicated to providing you with the best SEO tips and strategies to help you succeed. For more insights and practical guides on boosting your online presence, visit our blog.

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