All In One Seo Tools For Your Business

Why You Need seoGEEK!

Spend less time managing your projects and more time doing the things you love.

Manage Your Business & Your Team

You dashboard is your gateway to the things you need most. Insight about your business,¬†open To-Do’s, and quick links to the tools you use the most.

  • Business stats and analytics
  • Your project To-Do’s overview
  • Links to the tools you use the most
  • Team member management

SEO, SMM & PPC Plan Management

Build your plans, set pricing and assign them to your customers. With our plan management tool you will know how your SEO/SMM business is performing and will be able to easily stay on task with each customer.

  • Create your plans, setup pricing and startup fees.
  • Create plan features and assign actions to them.
  • Set execution frequency and resources needed.
  • Know how many customers are assigned to a plan.

Actions are at the cornerstone of seoGEEK. Track all the actions you perform on a project to easily share with your customers.

Customer/Project Management

The true power of seoGEEK lays within the customer management module.

  • Customer overview list with action meter.
  • Review the customer plan and see what has been done.
  • See all the actions taken and whom performed the tasks.
  • Save targeted keywords and focus urls in one place.
  • Manage your content development strategy.
  • Maintain a competitor list with keywords and notes.
  • Store sensitive account information to share with your team.
  • Define target audiences for your client.

To-Do’s and Actions

The To-Do module gives you the ability to create a list of To-Do’s, assign them to your team members and set deadlines. (just like every other system). – But here is what makes ours different….

  • Create To-Do’s and assign to your team + associate to your customers.
  • Associate to actions, and more customers if need be…
  • Set status including — In Review, Approved and Closed.
  • Add notes.

By giving you the ability to assign multiple customer/projects to a single to do and associate to an action. – when you close a ticket, seoGEEK can automatically generate an action for each of the customers and actions assigned to that To-Do.

Why do this?
So that you can get more done faster, and share your work with your customers ultimately keeping them happy.

Get stuff done…