7 Ways to Come Up with A Great Blog Topic

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Do you have your website publish blog posts regularly? Is the publishing date near and you haven’t selected the topic of the blog post yet? Are you worried about which topic will be suitable for getting more traffic? There is no need to get worried because you have landed in the right place. In this article, we will look into seven ways to generate great blog topics.

Let’s check them out!


1. Quora

For all types of blog topics, use Quora. For this, insert links to general Quora queries like SEMrush or Ahrefs in the SEO tool to pick out relevant keywords to include them in your content.

Vargas suggested that if you adhere to the B2B software contents, you can do the same with websites like capterra.com.au or g2.com.


2. Reddit

From Supplement Warehouse, John Frigo suggested Reddit is another source for getting unique ideas about the blog topics.

He further explained that he liked to use Reddit’s side posts around his niche to produce blog topics or content ideas. Generally, he also likes recent events, news, and pop culture.

3. Problems to solve based on your services or products

Another way of getting great blog topics is by addressing the pain points of your target audience based on your products or services.

You can effectively use this tactic by focusing on solving the problems for specific customers. Notice what are their problems and how their problems are affecting their work or lifestyle? After that, select a particular part of their issue and focus on collecting the most actionable and in-depth information about the item.

Google Trends

4. Google trends

For getting valuable ideas for blog topics, it’s a good practice to look into google trends. Through this, you can get hundreds and thousands of ideas for your blog. But remember! Always produce new ideas. I suggest you check what’s trending and popular. Trending keeps us updated about people’s interests and reveals new topics.

Google Trends is one of the tools that can be used for this purpose. Regularly check the trending hashtags on the Twitter feed and develop ideas about what people are looking for. Also, keep an eye on the news websites and see which articles are getting the most headlines. When you select topics that people want, people will read as well as talk about those topics.

5. Look at search queries in the search console or Google Ads (see what people are typing in)

According to Nicole Wolfe, your customers are the people that will notify what they like to read. Look at the search queries to find out what your potential customers are looking for. This will direct you to a highly relevant idea. And will evaluate other products and services to include in your product.

Google Analytics

6. Based on analytics of your site

We base one of the best ways to develop great blog topics on google analytics of your website. Keep track of the blog posts that mostly seek traffic and brainstorm other relevant topics that can be covered.

This may mean considering some points from the current article and writing detail about them in some other post, or maybe just covering other deeply interrelated topics. If you are getting high search traffic, it shows Google thinks we relate your content and site to this topic, so they will also increase the ranking of other posts with related topics.

Answer The Public

7. Answer the public

Let’s talk about an excellent online free tool AnswerthePublic.com. Through this tool, you can check what people want online. The data got from this will help you in determining the best blog topic ideas.

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