5 Essential Google Analytics Metrics You Must Know

5 Essential Google Analytics Metrics You Must Know

We all have blogs, websites, and there’s going to be a point in time when there would be red flags on the marketing metrics used in measuring the business performance of your site. This is where Google Analytics comes in to play; it helps you to take all the necessary action to correct any flaws observed within your business, as you seek to generate more leads.

Google Analytics is a free and powerful tool every entrepreneur should have. With Google Analytics, tracking the overall potential customer’s behavior patterns have just become easier, and this is why today we’re going to look at 5 essential key metrics of Google Analytics, that would help improve the digital marketing strategy for your business.


This is one of the most important key metrics to look out for. It tells how well you’re performing, how well you are doing with leads conversion, what products you need to improve upon and etcetera, thereby providing you with the best actions you need to take for every complete action from a visitor that comes to your site.

Calculating the conversion rate for your business is not that difficult, but you need to set a certain goal for yourself to achieve to determine your conversion rate. In other words, you need to know what you want to measure; that can translate to a quantifiable website metrics. To calculate percentage conversion rate for your business, simply divide the number of set goals achieved in a particular time frame- preferably weekly by the total number of potential customers / visitors coming to your site and then multiply the total result by 100. There are over hundreds of WordPress plugins to help you with conversion rate for your business, ensure you’re making best use of them, as most of them are Google supported.


Pay a conscientious detailed analysis on the traffic generation pattern of your site. Don’t just look at your traffic for the last 30 days or whatever Google Analytics is set to default, rather, do a week to week comparison of your traffic and then set a goal to perform better than every previous week. When you do these, you’ll be able to see what channels used for building your traffic is moving, and also you’ll be able to identify what aspect to improve upon.

Just as I said earlier, it is important to know how organic your traffic sources are. Sometimes you may observe a sudden rise in your traffic, then you begin to ask; why is all these happening? You’ll want to know where all your traffic is coming from, therefore make use of demographics to check on which countries that’s visiting your site most, what language exactly, how engaging they are and etcetera. A lot of people are still using Jetpack woocommerce product bundles for determining their traffic sources on WordPress sites, but the Google Analytics tool is better for and in-depth overview.


In simple terms, bounce rate in Google Analytics is the percentage of single page visits or web session by a visitor on your webpage or the percentage in which a person leaves your website from the landing page without particularly browsing any further.

Most times you’ll notice from the chart of your Google Analytics that most visitors fall around the 0-10 seconds range, and the higher percentage of bounce rate, the worse it can become for your business. Best practices to overcome high bounce rate on your site is to improve the usability of your content, the flow on your website, and then you’ll be able to get more people from the 0-10 sec range to stay on your website and hence eventually becoming customers. Another way you can reduce bounce rate is to make use of plugins like Woocommerce smart coupons, which has evidently boost success rate for many ecommerce and drop shipping businesses.


When you go to all your pages and check the behavior of your site content, you’ll be able to determine what pages are gaining more popularity.

It is normal to think most often times that your homepage would be the most popular, but once in a while you’ll find out that there’re some few pages gaining more popularity, with tons of social share, high Google rankings, consistently attracting more visitors and etcetera. Now, what you have to do here is to greatly monetize and leverage on these few pages, so that you can generate more leads for your business.

The behavior flow table of Google Analytics may look overwhelming, but it’s something you need to take time to digest and understand.


To make sure this metrics works for you, ensure your Google Search Console is connected to your Google Analytics account, or better still you can install the Site kit WordPress plugin to seamlessly use Google Analytics. By doing these, you’ll be able to get more Intel on the exact keywords that’s guiding your traffic.

So many people complain a lot that Google Analytics don’t show exactly what keyword that’s driving them traffic, but that’s because the two entity Google Search Console and Analytics are not connected, when they are connected, you’ll be able to start getting data on keywords, see how each page converts organically without having to do a lot of crazy Excel stuff that’s going to waste a lot of your time.

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